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All romance genres and sub-genres are accepted here, from erotica (within reason – WordPress has rules) to Christian romance to anything in between. Some key words may contain strategically placed ***’s (but that’s because WordPress has rules!).

Romance readers – do you run a book blog? A website?  Are you just really into reading?  I’d love to add a link to you on this page, or feature you as a contributor with your thoughts, advice, reviews, etc.

If you would like to see your excerpt posted here, go to the Submission Form.  Erotica or “spicier” romance goes to our sister site, Spicy Romance. Here’s the submission form.

This blog is maintained by a self-published erotica author named Shaina Richmond.  If you would like to contribute to this blog by submitting an excerpt, or anything else that might allure readers, email her.  This blog does not exist to make money for Shaina. The only affiliate code she uses is for Smashwords, and that’s strictly for analytical purposes. It may make her a few cents on a good day, but that’s just a bonus. A very immaterial bonus.

A list of Shaina’s blogs
Shaina’s blog for other writers

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