Friday Fix: Review – When Love Isn’t Enough, by Stephanie Casher

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When Love Isn’t Enough, by Stephanie Casher

Five out of Five Stars


Samantha is attending UCSC and has emotional issues. Though she wasn’t looking for love, on a particular day, she met Tony. Tony is older and is finishing up his last year of college. He also has problems with his girlfriend, Angela, but doesn’t want to hurt her as well. Instantly, both Tony and Samantha had an undeniable chemistry that will lead to turmoil and set off events that will affect their lives and the people around them.


This was a story that I was unable to put down. The reviews posted for this book should not be ignored, as the author did a wonderful job building the characters and the plot that will leave you guessing the outcome of this story.

The moment the story started, it pulled you in to the chemistry that both Tony and Samantha were feeling. The author did a great job building the story line and the issues that they both faced. With Tony having a girlfriend, it definitely made for another added twist that added to the plot. As the story progressed, both Tony and Samantha face other dilemmas as their love continues to grow. What caught me off guard was the twist I never saw coming, because when you think you know how the story will unfold, the author throws in something that I wasn’t sure about but later got my vote. This book is all based on timing, and it seems to not be on anyone’s side.

The other characters I also enjoyed, Damion, Faby, and Gabe. The author used them well as they definitely gave the book that other wow factor. I hope we will get a story about Faby and Gabe, because I think there maybe some unfinished business between them. I think most readers maybe unsatisfied about the ending, but knowing there will be a sequel called `Soul Mates’ put me at ease. I was also a bit excited that the author gave us the first chapter from `Soul Mates’ in the book. I thought this was a story well put together and detailed, that I look forward to more from the author.

Storyline: GOOD
Intimacy: Brief but SWEET
Enjoyment: GOOD
Kindle length: 6326

When Love Isn’t Enough, by Stephanie Casher

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