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Here to Stay, by Debra Webb

3.50 stars

Nathan never has forgotten about Paige. Paige was Nathan’s childhood friend that ended up being the woman he loves. Hurt by her leaving him and doing what her father wants, leaves them both hurt with misunderstandings. Now that Paige has returned, it has open old wounds and a secret that Paige has been carrying around with her.


This was actually a nice freebie, compared to some of the free books that I’ve read so far on the list. I would say to the reader, to read the sample pages offered, and if you like the beginning, I think you will like the rest of the book.

This book started out with an interesting opening that actually made me think to myself; let me see where this story takes me. Paige is back in Trinity, Tennessee, where she spent most of her summers with her uncle and Nathan. As they got older it things became more complicated, and that led to misunderstandings on both their parts. With both resenting the other, it made for an interesting read. In the beginning, the first couple of chapters focused on their broken relationship from the past (with the I hate you speeches), that leads to a big secret that Paige is keeping from Nathan.

I enjoyed reading both Nathan and Page’s characters. Nathan was surely sexy and such a sweet southern guy, who cared deeply for the woman he’s known since she was eight. As for Paige, she had a lot of baggage that she has brought back to Trinity, and I liked her, though I might not agreed with the secret she was keeping from Nathan.

The author threw in other characters that gave the story a nice touch. One of the characters that I enjoyed was, Calvin. Paige represented him in court and that was another storyline that was added in. This was free and I can’t complain, I personally liked this one.

Story: FAIR
Intimacy: GOOD
Enjoyment: GOOD
kindle size: 2439

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This review can also be found here at Goodreads.

Here to Stay, by Debra Webb
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